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Did you know that over 1,400 tonnes of plastic waste is generated by brushes that are thrown away every 3-6 months?


With our rechargeable toothbrush model, you just have to keep the handle and only throw away the head  of your brush, which divides your ecological footprint by 8 compared to_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_a classic toothbrush!


This toothbrush is made in FRANCE, from 90% castor oil bioplastic. 


This bio-sourced raw material allows the handles of the toothbrushes to be both strong enough to resist during brushing, but also to remain for a long time in a humid environment, the bathroom. Le head attachment system is secure so that it does not move during brushing.


All toothbrushes are packaged in a work-based facility that promotes the integration of disabled people.


The head can be thrown in your recycling bin,  taking care to insert it beforehand in an empty packaging (cardboard box, milk bottle... )


Conditioning :


Set of 2 toothbrush heads, packaged in a recyclable kraft pouch.

Set of 2 replacement heads for adult toothbrush

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