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Activated carbon has long been known to adsorb impurities from water. The physical phenomenon of adsorption (not to be confused with absorption) acts on many pollutants and toxic compounds. 

Activated carbon has a slight positive electrical charge, so it attracts negative ions from chemicals, which will remain trapped in its many micropores. Indeed, our activated carbons contain 96% pure carbon. The carbon atoms attract the molecules of the contaminants and fix them firmly inside the carbon. 

The polluting molecules therefore remain trapped in the carbon: there is no release of contaminants into the water. Only the action of heat and water vapor will allow these chemical bonds to be broken: this is why we recommend boiling the charcoal once a month in order to clean it (a bit like a sponge that we would wring out to allow him to mop again).

Thus, your Binchotan charcoal is reusable for 6 months!

Beyond 6 months, the coal reaches saturation and it should be changed.

Microscopic view of activated carbon

Binchotan in action

Buy our authentic Japanese Binchotan from Kishu and enjoy 6 months of pure water :

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