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1 binchotan = 364 bottles of water!

A stick of Binchotan 20 grams  can be used for 6 months.It is able to  purify 1 liter of water every 8 hours, i.e. 3 L of water per dayThis represents the equivalent of two large 1.5 L bottles of water per day.


In 6 months, a 20 gram stick of Binchotan is able to replace the equivalent of 364 plastic water bottles of 1.5 liter.

In 1 year, two 20 gram sticks of Binchotan will replace near 728 plastic bottles .

The manufacture and transport to the store of these bottles are very energy-intensive, so the regular use of Binchotan has a very positive impact on the planet since it produces very little of waste.

All our Binchotan are packed in a kraft compostable paper envelope, and shipped in a small recyclable cardboard sleeve.

We also offer smaller models, which are suitable for small bottles and water bottles, as well as models suitable for water fountains.

Find our fabulous Binchotan natural water filters in the shop, and do something for the planet today:  



We can all do something for the planet by showing  this wonderful stick to our loved ones and on social networks.

Japanese binchotan activated carbon from Kishu tosa takesumi bamboo charcoal ceramic beads bulk non-radioactive genuine binchotan activated carbon stick

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