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Faced with the many counterfeits of Japanese Binchotan  circulating on the Internet, we are proud to certify  the origin of our products.


We only sell Binchotan from Kishu (also called Binchotan from Wakayama) because it has the highest carbon content (95-96% on average).

True to our ecological values, we buy our products in bulk and also resell them in bulk.


We offset the carbon impact of each of our imports (see here)


origine du véritable binchotan japonais de wakayama

(Copyright "Le Vrai Binchotan", reproduction and copies prohibited) 

(Copyright "Le Vrai Binchotan", reproduction and copies prohibited) 

Provenance de notre véritable binchotan japonais

authentic japanese binchotan charcoal from kishu reseller EM ceramic beads activated charcoal bamboo charcoal carbon for non-radioactive water natural water filter takesumi ceramic bead bamboo charcoal Japan wakayama tosa mizayaki 

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