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Using Japanese Binchotan to purify tap water is also making an ethical choice: 
  • Genuine Japanese Binchotan is made from a wild wood from southern Japan: Ubamegashi holm oak. This indigenous tree has been growing naturally in southern Japan since the 17th century, without any added fertilizers or pesticides. 
  • Our Binchotan are made without any deforestation, only the branches are pruned: the trees are thus preserved. The Japanese take great care of this precious tree, the Ubamegashi oak, and rotate their plots. This is an obligation imposed on them by the forest office. They can thus wait up to 15-20 years for the tree to grow back.
  • Our Binchotans are handcrafted by skilled charcoal artisans. They come from fair trade: the producers  set their own prices, the quantities they can export and their conditions of sale.
  • The Binchotan are delivered to us with kraft and newsprint that we reuse afterwards 
  • Our Binchotans travel by direct flight on tourist flights. We offset the carbon footprint of imports bysponsoring a hive via the association "a roof for bees".
  • One stick of Binchotan saves between 364 bottles and 1,000 1.5 L plastic bottles, which are very energy-intensive to produce, transport and recycle. It therefore has a real ecological interest.
  • The Binchotans are packaged in a simple compostable kraft pouch: we do not use any plastic
  • All orders placed on our website are packaged in a tracked pouch made of recyclable cardboard.
  • The heaviest orders are packed in boxes, which are mainly collected from our suppliers. 
  • The wedging of the packages is carried out with kraft, Japanese newspaper or bubble wrapwhich is only recovered from our supplierss  : this way we give them a second life and do not create additional waste. The parcels can also be wedged with the flyers which sometimes land in our mailbox despite the "stop-pub" labels. We do not buy any plastic.
  • The little words accompanying your order are cut out of scraps of paper or envelopes: we avoid throwing them away.Japanese Binchotan Activated Carbon from Kishu Wakayama Natural Water Filter Purify Tap Water Reseller Bulk Zero-Waste Natural Ecological Filter Ceramic Beads EM Reseller
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